Dynamic Media Affiliate Program

Just a short announcement today. My affiliate program is now open. You can sell Lifetime Memberships to the Dynamic Media Vault.

Here is a quick overview…

* Runs through iDev and Paypal
* 100 dollar commission per sale
* Dozens of ads to choose from
* 90 day cookies + remarketing
* 25 dollar bonus for signing up

If you’re interested in more details please read on. If not, please disregard this post, or forward it to your favorite internet / affiliate marketer, who may be interested. I appreciate your support. Your regular Internet Marketing Secrets will resume in a couple of days.

The product is a Lifetime Membership to the Dynamic Media Vault. It’s all my internet marketing products, research, experiments and test data, stashed in one place for one low price. You can read about the Lifetime Dynamic Media Membership here:

The selling price of the membership is 197 dollars. You get 51% per sale. That means over 100 in commission per sale.

There are dozens of ads to choose from. Some can be downloaded from the affiliate control panel. An email with a link to a zip file, with dozens of Universal Ad Sizes, will be sent once your application is approved.

There will be a remarketing campaign to boost the conversion rate. That means, I’ve purchased ads that follow people around the internet. When they purchase, your original cookie will get credit for 90 days. So mail early and often. freeinternetbizinzbox.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif” alt=”;-)” class=”wp-smiley” />

You can join the Dynamic Media affiliate program here.

Now lets go make some sales!


Michael Campbell, CEO
Dynamic Media Corporation


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