How To Get User Generated Content

Interested in content marketing? Here’s how to get content and monetize it using nothing more than a WordPress plugin.

The easiest way to get content, is to be a curator, not a creator.

Let people do the work and give you their content. You choose what to post and how to monetize it with ads and affiliate programs. It’s the easy to do and affordable too. Here’s how…

A couple of months ago I announced the VIA Curation Plugin for WordPress. Now I’m happy to share the updated version, along with the new single site license for only 27 dollars.

So if price was your only barrier to entry (heck you can’t even get pizza and soda delivered for that) now’s a good time to get started. And its not some watered down version of the plugin for that price. It has all the features of the developer license, which is also available.

I will show you how easy it is to curate content and monetize it. To do that, I’m about to break my cardinal rule, because I’ve never shared any of my websites until now. It’s my video curation site at .

Go there and click on the Upload and Share tab at the top. This is the VIA Curation form that visitors fill out to embed videos. (You can also set it upload articles and photos.) You can turn all fields on or off, depending on how much detail you want to collect.

Now click on some of the guest posts in the right column. That’s what the content looks like after they fill out the form. The visitor did the work and entered all the data. The ads are placed automatically by the VIA Curation custom layout. (You can choose the layout.)

The plugin emails me whenever I have new content. All I need to do is click “Approve” if I feel lazy, but sometimes I edit the post a bit, before making it go live. Now doesn’t that sound a lot easier than writing the content yourself, or hiring, managing and paying writers?

If you want to try your hand at content curation, or if you just want a cool ad management system, come look at what VIA Curation can do for you. At only 27 dollars for a single site license, you really don’t have an excuse anymore. ;-)

What are the Features VIA Curation?

  • It’s a form for visitors to submit content to your site
  • It’s a post management system with social sharing
  • It’s ad management system with global and local controls
  • It’s a layout engine, controlling ad and content placement
  • It’s a plugin that won’t break if you change, or update themes

What are the Benefits of VIA Curation?

  • Start a community with like-minded people in any niche
  • Encourage guest posts and articles to get free content
  • Run contests for the best photos, stories or articles
  • Create a video or photo of the day curation site
  • Dynamically insert ads or HTML code into the posts
  • Instantly monetize all content submitted to your site

Be a curator, not a creator. It’s the easy way to get content.

Watch the VIA Curation Video

Read the VIA Curation Introduction

Read the FAQs About VIA Curation

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