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Welcome to the resources and tools page for Dynamic Media Corp. These are my essential business tools. I use every product listed on this page. It would be difficult to run my business without any one of them.

I won’t go into long winded details about each product, because many of you asked for these links during consultations and coaching sessions. I’ve also introduced most of these tools through my books. So if you’ve come here from one of those links, you are in the right place.

Before we jump into the listings I have a little disclaimer. Most products that I endorse have affiliate programs associated with them. That means if you buy through my links, I’ll make a tiny commission. When I get enough of them, I can buy a bag of groceries to feed my family. If you’re somehow offended by that (LOL) and prefer not to buy through my links, you can look up these products in your favorite search engine and get them that way.

Keep in mind that all these products have been tested and are currently being used by my staff and me, to run Dynamic Media. What you won’t find here are cheesy “time limited” product launches, syndicated frauducts, or multi level crap. These tools are the real deal and most have been around a very long time. That’s why I endorse them whole heartedly and use every single one of them to run my business.

Oh… one last thing. All of these tools and resources are tax deductible business expenses. (So is my time when you book consultations and coaching.) Keep your receipts and hand them to your accountant, so they can deduct them as professional services, software, or subscriptions expenses as the case may be.

Legal Pages

Legal Forms Generator

You must have a terms of use, disclaimers and a privacy policy on your site. They are mandatory part of doing business online. These were written by a professional internet attorney, in a push-button software package called Legal Forms Generator. Just enter your business information like name, address and a couple of other fields and the software generates your legal pages for you.

Find out more about the Legal Forms Generator.


WordPress Themes

FastLine Page Builder Pro

Everyone agrees that WordPress is phenomenal as a content management system. Where it falls short is in the design category. FastLine is a designers dream, that blasts through the usual hindrances and lets you take command of how your website looks. FastLine lets you drag & drop graphic elements to go where you want and whisk your dream layout (like the Ultimate Heat Map ones) into a reality.

Find out more about FastLine Page Builder Pro.


Thesis by DIY Themes

Thesis features beautiful, symmetrical typography, meaning that your readers will be comfortable and stay longer. It’s also very SEO friendly and because of that, it gets used by some of the biggest names in the blogosphere. It’s not exactly a drag and drop experience and does have a bit of a learning curve. But once you master the visual template editor, you can create almost any look that you want.

Find out more about the Thesis WordPress Theme.


WordPress Plugins

MemberPress for Private Membership Sites

There are plenty of membership plugins on the market. Unfortunately, many are slow, hard to configure, or use depreciated code that WordPress no longer supports. What sets MemberPress apart is the infinite degree to which you can customize memberships, access to content and set up different levels. It integrates easily with Paypal, Stripe, AWeber and several other payment systems and software add ons.

Find out more about MemberPress Membership Plugin.


WP File Lock to Sell & Protect Downloads

Use this plugin as a quick way to sell digital downloads through Paypal, Clickbank and WSO. It protects your download pages so they cannot be linked to. It automates account setup and manages the customers. Plus it’s quick to set up and integrate, with the popular email marketing systems like Aweber.

Find out more about WP File Lock.


S3 FlowShield to Protect Private Media

This plugin is essential for membership sites. It protects your S3 hosted media, like training videos and podcasts, from being liked to, downloaded, or shared. Members must watch the videos online and in real time. It also comes with a commercial version of Flowplayer, which allows you to customize the video player and add your own branding to it.

Find out more about S3 FlowShield.


Video & Audio

Wondershare All My Tube

This software allows you to download videos to your computer and convert them into whatever format you like, so they run on your favorite devices. I use it to download webinars, seminars and training videos. It also works with YouTube and all the popular sharing services. So long as the video source hasn’t been locked with S3 Flowshield, you can download the videos to view them how and when you want.

Find out more about Wondershare All My Tube.



Media Temple

I’ve been with Media Temple for many years now. Aside from minor issues, I’ve not experienced any outages with this cloud based host. Any questions were resolved with a quick phone call. They are the only major hosting company I know of, where expert support staff take calls directly. So if you are fed up with your existing host, slow servers, or losing sales because of down time, Media Temple is worth a look.

Find out more about MediaTemple Hosting Plans.



Ultimate Heat Map

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking sales, signups, donations, inquiries, or trying to monetize with ads, this book will show you the website layouts that convert. Years of research and testing went into finding the perfect spots to place ads, optin boxes, or the most important elements on a page, so that visitors to see them, interact and click.

Find out more about the Ultimate Heat Map.


Color Persuasion

There’s an old saying that mighty doors swing on tiny hinges. Color is a lot like that. A simple change to the colors on your site can dramatically affect sales. That’s because color conveys subliminal messages and you must get it right for your market, or sales and conversion rates will suffer because of it. This book cuts through the mystery and gives you the facts on how to choose the right color for your market.

Find out more about Color Persuasion.


Designers, Coders, Writers, Etc

Artisans and Professionals for Outsourcing

If you want a list of people that can do your writing, design, SEO, manage your PPC, do custom coding, migrate you to WordPress, or do anything else internet related, I know them. These are a few dozen friends, colleges and customers that I know, trust and endorse wholeheartedly. If you are a currently a customer, getting consultations from me, I can share this list with you. That way you don’t have to hire and rely on strangers from the freelance networks to get your work done.

By Email Request for Customers Only


SEO Intelligence

SEO Revolution

Jerry West is the leader of the SEO Revolution and the most successful affiliate marketer I know. All of his SEO intel has been thoroughly tested, on dozens of websites, in some of the most competitive markets imaginable. His intel will show you the holes in the search engine strategies, so you can achieve tactical advantages over the competition and use them to increase your rankings.

Find out more about the SEO Revolution.


Planet Ocean

You won’t see anyone promoting these guys for good reason. They are the main source of SEO intel and have been for decades. Most SEO experts I’ve met are egotistical and want to be perceived as the guru, but few will tell you where they get their info from. Planet Ocean is that source. So subscribe, immerse and soak it up. If you apply what you discover here, your search rankings will soar.

Find out more about Planet Ocean SEO News.


Permission Email Marketing

AWeber Email Broadcaster and List Management System

All the social media pundits will tell you that email marketing is dead. They are dead wrong. Email marketing remains the single most powerful and potent form of advertising that you can do. I’ve used Aweber to manage my campaigns and email lists since 1998. They are whitelisted by everyone. They abide by all the international rules and have the highest delivery rates of any email broadcast service that I know of.

Find out more about AWeber Permission Email Marketing.


Traffic and Conversion

Dynamic Media

I started DynamicMedia.com so I could advise business owners, independents and entrepreneurs on how increase the value they bring to the marketplace and build brands that people trust. I’ve been converting raw clicks into brand fanatics since 1994, with over 5,500 consultations to date. So if you want unique ideas that generate clicks, or to dramatically improve your conversion rates, I tell you how.

Book your consultation now. Send me (dynamic888) an instant message over Skype, or call my office at (360) 450-5880. I look forward to talking with you very soon.

Find out more about the Dynamic Media Experts.



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