Ultimate Heat Map 3

Improve Your Conversion Rates

Cover Shot Graphic of the Ultimate Heat Map 3 by Michael CampbellUltimate Heat Map 3 is ready for download from Amazon. Another year of testing and research for me, means brand new conversion optimized templates for you.

If you switch the layout of your site, to match these templates, you’ll see a boost in conversion rates. It could be in advertising revenue, signups, sales, donations, test drives, leads, you name it. You will get more conversions without additional traffic.

If this research has helped you increase conversions, signups, sales, donations, test drives, get fresher breath, a whiter smile, LOL, could you leave me a review on Amazon? Glowing four or five star preferred. ;-)

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You can also help me by tagging the book on the download page, so its easier for people to find. Some ideas for tags include; advertising, marketing, sales, conversion, design, layout, website, heat map, click map, eye tracking, click tracking, research, ads, ultimate, Michael Campbell.

And as you read Ultimate Heat Map 3, please share your notes and highlights. That way all the readers, the entire community, can see the most important bits.

If you are having trouble finding Ultimate Heat Map 3, or downloading, it could be that your Kindle account is linked to a country other than USA. Just search Amazon in whatever country your Kindle account is registered to – .ca .fr .de .co.uk – for its unique Amazon ASIN number B00B1ZHGM8 and you’ll find it.

ALL countries that Kindle permits are enabled. So that includes India, Japan and many others.

If your country isn’t permitted to download Kindle books, then it’s beyond the control of the publisher. Send Amazon a note and tell them that you want Kindle titles in your country.

There is no PDF version available. The book is only available through Amazon, because they require “exclusive digital rights” for products released through their Kindle Select program. It also means that you’ll only pay 1/4 of the price that this research used to sell for.

All you need to do, is to spend a little time learning the Kindle reader software. After an hour, things like bookmarking and highlighting become second nature. Plus its way faster to use the search function to find stuff later.

How to Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle

If you don’t have a Kindle device, you don’t need one. You can download Kindle Reader Software from Amazon for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, Android and everything else.

Alternately, you could just use your browser using the Kindle Cloud Reader. It lets you read ebooks, instantly and no Kindle device is required.

(Personally I like reading on the computer, especially for research. That way I can have several windows and documents open at the same time. I like to type up notes and jot down I ideas, the moment they come to me.)

Download the eBook from Amazon

I hope that you put this research to good use. At least try it out on a few sites. If you’re like most people, you’ll increase your ad revenues and conversions, without any additional traffic.

Get Ultimate Heatmap 3.0 from Amazon.com or search for it by name “Ultimate Heat Map” or by Amazon’s ASIN number B00B1ZHGM8 in your local Amazon, if you’re outside the USA. And f you’d like to read about the author – that would be me :-) – you can do so on my Michael Campbell Amazon Author Page .

So go grab the book and put this research to work. You could see an increase in sales and conversions literally overnight, without any additional traffic.

A quick review on Amazon’s sales page, would be a wonderful way to say thank you. It will motivate me to continue producing and shipping work of this quality, when I know its appreciated.

And finally, please tell your peeps, circles, colleagues, friends, and everyone else who “likes” you. Thank you for your continued support.

Michael Campbell


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