Ultimate Heatmap Update

I’ve received dozens of email, asking when our WordPress theme is going to be ready. Here is a ‘catch all’ reply from the blog, that I hope will explain what we’re up to…

“We’ve had to be very patient with software developers. We have a vision of what we’re trying to achieve. Rather than just be a series of CSS templates, we are creating an entire advertising and testing platform built around WordPress.”

“To speed up the process, Amit Savyon and I have brought Mike Marshall on board. He’s widely known as one of the best SEO teachers / technicians in the world today, but he’s also an amazing programmer, with the best SEO software that I’ve ever used. So with his help, I’m hoping that our software will be ready to ‘roll out to the beta testers’ within a few weeks.”

In sum, yes… I’m totally focused and committed to getting this project shipped. You can keep updated on the Ultimate Heatmap blog: Conversion Optimized Templates for WordPress by Ultimate Heatmap.

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